• Transforming startup founders & solopreneurs into growth superstars.

    We're your virtual partner for done-for-you marketing, accounting, and business operations.

  • You're Spread Too Thin!

    You've bootstrapped your way to this point, but you know that you're wearing too many hats to be effective. Of course, there are things only you are capable of doing, but what about the rest?

    What you're already doing: DIY / Do-It-Yourself

    It's a great way to start. And why not? With all the amazing apps & widgets available, business owners find themselves trying to do everything. Problem is, there's only so much time in a day and you're struggling to execute all those tasks you know you should be doing but can't get to.

    What you're thinking about doing: Hiring an Employee

    You know you'll never be able to scale without some sort of help. But, when you look at the cost of hiring full-time or even part-time, it's going to be a financial risk with no 'oops', 'nevermind', or 'undo' button.

    The alternative you're hesitant to consider: Outsourcing to a freelancer

    We've been there too so we understand why you cringe when you hear the word "outsource". Pay too much for someone that knows too little. And, they care more about logging hours and sending you bills than whether they're making a real impact on your business.

  • We created a better solution for you: Do-It-For-Me

    We've been in your shoes! Our team has extensive experience creating and running startups, and we've honed in on, systemized, and mastered the elements of your business that are both high impact and well-suited for the right outside team.

    Imagine for a second what it would be like if you could actually focus on the core efforts of building and growing your business!

  • DIFM Services

    We're basically your organized, on-the-ball, always on, execution-oriented virtual business partner sidekick/ninja.

    Direct Response Marketing Automation

    Our marketing services boil down to one thing: results

    • Email marketing
    • Content & social media scheduling
    • PR

    Sales Training & Management

    Achieve higher sales. Period.

    • Sales & Leadership Development
    • Fractional Sales Management
    • Revenue Generating Sales
    • Sales Talent Assesment

    "Bus Ops"

    How many things do you do every day that aren't impacting your bottom line?

    • Process & systems creation
    • Workflow processing
    • Data entry, compiling, and organization
    • Scheduling

    Bookkeeping and Admin Tasks

    They say cash is oxygen, so always know exactly where you're at.

    • Accounting software setup
    • Transactions classified - exceptions handling
    • Tax-ready financials every month
    • Custom financial dashboard to show you both cash (reality) & accrual (performance) status
  • How much does it cost?

    All our plans are customized for your specific needs & your budget, but we have bookkeeping-only packages starting at just $195/month.


    We charge a conservative setup fee to cover the upfront work required.


    A monthly fee with no long-term obligation

    What happens if we want to "break up"?

    We get it. Commitment for startups is risky and hard on cash flow. You can cancel anytime.

  • This is how we accelerate your business together:

    For us, this isn't a transaction. We approach each client opportunity as a partnership where we only benefit by creating real, lasting value.


    Schedule a consultation

    Don't worry, it's free. We'll explore your needs, explain our offerings, & make sure it's a good fit.


    Choose the best package

    We'll send you a quote with a few different options for you to select from.


    We get plugged in

    We'll get secure password & doc sharing setup & make sure we have access to the right info & tools.



    We'll get rolling and ensure we're making a real impact with measurable results.

  • Ready to Connect?

    Click below to set up a time to talk. We value your time and ours, so we'll cut to the chase and make sure this is a good fit for you and us.

  • About us

    Passion & Dedication

    Yes, yes, it sounds cliche, but that doesn't make it untrue! They say a true entrepreneur's real reason to build a product or service is because they want it to exist - and that perfectly describes what drives us here at DIFM.

    "Be a Creator, not a Consumer"

    We totally subscribe to this philosophy and like to think we fit squarely in the 'creator' category.


    Let's face it, society is full of consumers these days, and often times they're content to let big corporations create canned services, products, and experiences for them. This world needs more creators like you! 


    Entrepreneurs are great at creating unique new ideas, but they often struggle to get their businesses to scale -- and of course, we want to help people just like you do just that.